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Helpful Ideas to Promote YOUR BRAND OF DOG TREATS!

You can do some neat things with this program, see some samples below! 


   One, retailer we supply has an average transaction amount of $35. They decided to

run a promo: "Spend $50 and get a Free bag of our biscuits- a Retail Value of $8.99!" This has worked very well for them. That bag of biscuits cost them just a few dollars, yet the perceived value to their customers is much higher- a great

way to get customers to spend $15 more in their store, and, a great way to get 'samples'

of the biscuits into their customer's hands...Next time their back, what dog treats do you think they'll be purchasing? 


   Another of our customers does grooming- they give away a FREE BAG each time a dog

is groomed- you think your customers might come back to you if they get a $7 bag of buscuits FREE each time? Their theory is that in their clients eyes, it essentially lowers

the cost of grooming by $7, bringing them back more

regularly- they say it has been working great for them! 


   Yet another of our customers has had us print

"All profits from the purchase of our

treats donated to...(your charity name here)"

Wow! What a great way to support a cause

that is important to you, while bringing

customers back to spend money in their

store... Why? Because their dogs love the

treats, and that's the only store that sells



So, regardless of the direction you choose,

our concept is inteded to provide unique

and superior treats to bring your customers 

back to YOUR STORE! 


We hope to give you all the tools you need to be successful! 


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